There are a few key elements that are needed to produce a great email campaign. Here you will find descriptions of each of those elements.

Emails are sent just like any others but with HM Mail, you have some powerful tools that you can use to make them work better for your business.

SUBJECT LINE: Each email has a subject line that will introduce your product to the receiver of your campaign. Keep this short and to the point. Do NOT use ALL CAPS. This will alert spam or junk mail for your campaign.

BODY OF EMAIL: In this space, you should give a brief description of your attached image and full business name and contact information. Email campaigns that only send images have the possibility of having a email server not open the image automatically. In this case, you brief description will show the receiver what the campaign is about.

There are other options for the body of your email that includes the following:

Links - This can be used to direct people to your website or email address
Images - up to 5 images can be in each email. Images accepted are PNG, JPG or GIF files only.
Videos - YouTube and Vimeo URLs can be used to create a video link
Social Media - Links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Website, Email, Vine and many others with social media logo.

Templates can be designed for packages of 20.

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