New Moon and swells buries parts of Boardwalk, sink boats in Playas del Coc

Lower boaldwalk buried by sand and seaOn July 24th, 2011, President Laura Chinchilla visited El Coco, Costa Rica to inaugurate the opening of the newly built boardwalk and park, which included volleyball courts, basketball court and many benches and lighting for the residents and tourists to enjoy the beautiful weather and activities.

Little did the president know that only 5 1/2 weeks later, most of the boardwalk will need to be cleaned of sand, rocks and debris that the new moon and swell brought on shore on September 1st.

Pictures of the boardwalk show the bottom half completely buried beneath sand with the ocean waves running through. Other pictures have the new volleyball court closest to the beach destroyed by the ever changing shoreline.

When construction started and moved forward with the 9-month project, many displayed concerns of design flaws that included a low boardwalk, drainage for the streets when rain falls and placement of benches courts and trees. 

Did the people take these concerns to the proper people and municipality?

Trash cans on the beach...or in the beach.Clean up of the boardwalk should start soon (hopefully) but the real damage came in the form of the local fishermen and their vessels. Many residents of El Coco Beach have lost their fishing boats and motors to the swell and big waves. For many years have these things occured in Costa Rica and many more will come in the future.

Is it time for the fishermen and tour operators to collaborate and form some sort of boaters alliance to help prevent this and other things like polution of the ocean?

With the beautiful new boardwalk in El Coco and the people that are deeply concerned of the recent activities, we believe that the park will look as good as new but may need to relocate a volley ball court. Just a suggestion.

See the photos here on the boardwalk.

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