What does a Sloth, White-faced Monkey and Blue Morpho Butterfly have in common?

They will all be featured on the stunning new bills in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica’s Central Bank announced Tuesday that it will circulate three new banknotes of ₡5,000, ₡10,000 and ₡50,000 in August. In US dollars, that is about $10, $20 and $100. 

Following the same tend of the ₡1,000 and ₡2,000 bills, once the new bills are out, the old ones will need to be exchanged in banks. Beginning in December, only the Central Bank will exchange them.

The new banknotes display images of former presidents: ₡5,000 is yellow and the image of Alfredo González Flores, ₡10,000 is a green bill and shows José Figueres Ferrer, a  three-time President and the ₡50,000 which is a beautiful purple color will host the image of another three-term President, Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno.

Following an introductory campaign for the new bills, Central Bank authorities explained that these also include security features to prevent counterfeiting, for example, translucent watermarks, color-changing shapes and textured images.

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