Another one bites the dust... Woody's Bistro

Not more than two years ago Woody's Bistro opened and is now closed. This is just another business in Playas del Coco that has closed down few a number of different reasons.

Woody's Bistro is the victim of high rent increases in which business demand does not support.

In Playas del Coco and other beach communities in Guanacaste, rentals properties tend to go for much more than what businesses can support. This is by no means the property owners problem since they want to rent it for the most they can get but how much is too much?

Here is a list of just a few businesses in Playas del Coco that have closed (or will close) within the last year:

Beso Loco Bar

La Cebichera

Monkey Business (shared location with La Cebichera)

Beach Bums (closing July 2013)



Woody's Bistro

Soda Oasis

Chori Pan

Pizza Place in Coco Beach Hotel (not in business long enough to remember the name)

El Zarpe

Coco Cabana (formerly El Zarpe)

La Dolce Vida

Cafe Java

Yoga Center (Never really opened due to Municipality disputes)

Unfortunately this list is only in Playas del Coco and not even all of them. It is sad to see so many not make it but in reality, Coco business is tough business. Many believe that Coco is a thriving community full of tourists and someday it may be that but we don;t think having so many restaurants (especially pizza) is a smart move.

We hope that the future business owners in Guanacste realize the numbers behind the business and have all of their homework done before diving into the dream of owning a bar in Costa Rica. Although it sounds like a lot of fun, it may just not be.

Remember the old term so many of us use: "If you want to become a Millionaire, bring two million."

A few businesses in Tamarindo...

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