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What does a Sloth, White-faced Monkey and Blue Morpho Butterfly have in common?

They will all be featured on the stunning new bills in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica’s Central Bank announced Tuesday that it will circulate three new banknotes of ₡5,000, ₡10,000 and ₡50,000 in August. In US dollars, that is about $10, $20 and $100. 

Following the same tend of the ₡1,000 and ₡2,000 bills, once the new bills are out, the old ones will need to be exchanged in banks. Beginning in December, only the Central Bank will exchange them.

The new banknotes display images of former presidents: ₡5,000 is yellow and the image of Alfredo González Flores, ₡10,000 is a green bill and shows José Figueres Ferrer, a  three-time President and the ₡50,000 which is a beautiful purple color will host the image of another three-term President, Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno.

Following an introductory campaign for the new bills, Central Bank authorities explained that these also include security features to prevent counterfeiting, for example, translucent watermarks, color-changing shapes and textured images.

Netflix will be available in Costa Rica on Sep. 12th

Netflix Inc. (, the subscription service for movies and the world's largest Internet comes to Latin America and the Caribbean to offer movies and unlimited access instantly from Netflix transmitted to computers, consoles games and other devices connected to the Internet for a monthly price accessible. The Netflix service launched today in Brazil, and will be launched in 43 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean by September 12.

Netflix, with over 25 million members in the United States and Canada, offers incredible comfort and outstanding value through a wide range of series and Hollywood movies, local and international. Netflix revolutionized entertainment in North America providing people an option to instantly enjoy seeing what they want when they want to watch, in a wide range of Internet-connected devices such as computers, game consoles and smart TVs, for a monthly accessible.

"We are excited to bring Netflix to Latin America and the Caribbean," said Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and CEO. "More and more people in the region use the Internet. They also love movies and series. We are proud to bring you the experience to enjoy Netflix instant all the movies and they want to watch when they want to see, at an affordable price. "

Today was launched in Brazil the Portuguese version of Netflix, by which it can instantly see thousands of hours of movies and series, anytime, anywhere, via PC, Mac, PS2, PS3 and Wii by A monthly subscription of $ 14.99.

On Wednesday September 7, will be available in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, the Spanish version of the Netflix streaming service. The monthly subscription for unlimited streaming of movies and series in Argentina is 39 pesos, while in Uruguay and Paraguay, the price is U.S. $ 7.99 per month.

On Thursday September 8, Netflix will be available in Chile for 3790 pesos a month in Bolivia for U.S. $ 7.99 per month. On Friday September 9, Netflix will begin unlimited streaming of movies and over the Internet in the Andean region. In Colombia, the monthly subscription price will be 14,000 pesos, while in Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador, the price will be U.S. $ 7.99.

On Monday September 12, Netflix launched its service in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. In Mexico, the monthly subscription for unlimited streaming of movies and series over the Internet is 99 pesos, while in Central America and the Caribbean, the price will be U.S. $ 7.99 per month.

"It's a great privilege for us to extend our presence in the region and getting the Netflix service to consumers in Latin America and the Caribbean," said Hastings. "We are committed to providing the same excellence in service, value and choice throughout the Americas. We can not wait to start. "

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Old ¢1,000 or ¢2,000 may not be accepted at businesses in Costa Rica

New ¢1,000 bill in Costa RicaWednesday was the last day that ¢1,000 and ¢2,000 bills can circulate in businesses and in the general public. New bills went into circulation in June for these denominations.

Marvin Alvarado, treasurer of the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR), explained that on Thursday anyone who receives an old ¢1,000 or ¢2,000 bill can refuse to accept it.

The old bills may be deposited at banks and other financial institutions until Oct. 31.

After this date, the old bills will only be changeable at the BCCR headquarters in San José.

The phasing out process will begin anew this November when new ¢5,000 and ¢10,000 notes make their debut.

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