New Restaurant with Entre Bocas in Playas del Coco

After over a year without the former location to El Zarpe maintaining a tenant for longer than 2 months, a new restaurant arrives in Playas del Coco. 

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Entre Bocas Fusion Bites has taken over the location across from Pacifico and next door to Super Luperon to open a finer dining location in Playas del Coco in a beautiful building along the main road. 

We stopped in to Entre Bocas and met the new owners, Mauricio and Stehanie, and had a bite to eat. Although we only had a couple of items, we can tell that this will be a nice addition to the area as the dishes proved worthy of a nice restaurant. 

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Upon ordering,  we were served Sweet Potato Chips as a complimentary item. We have to say that they were delicious. Fried, seasoned and accompanied with an oregano/thyme blend, we had to order more.

We also ordered three other plates which were all fantastic but one stood out and reminded us of our favorite restaurant back in California. Tuna Tartar, a simple dish to make but can easily be over done, was fresh and served in a martini glass. Tuna, Sesame Oil, Soy, Sesame Seeds and some other goodness was a perfect blend and highly recommended. 

If you don't get the Tuna Tartar, Vietnamese Rolls or the Laza Chicken on Green Plantains (like we did), then stop in for something else and help support our new addition to the area. At only three weeks old, Mauricio and Stephanie are going to need to customers and feed back to make it through the Green Season.

If you have visited Entre Bocas, comment below about what you had and your thoughts on the place! 


Hidden treasure for great food in Playas del Coco

It's open to the Public: Pisces Restaurant

Somedays in a small town like the ones located in Guanacaste you just need to get away from the main streets and vendors to enjoy a great meal away from the action. This happened to be one of those days so we ventured to the nicest road in Playas del Coco and followed it back to the gate to Coco Bay Estates. After a brief discussion with the security guard, he let us through to grounds and made our way to the poolside restaurant called Pisces.

Pisces Restaurant is not your normal location on the beach or even on the main road. It's not a rancho or a soda either. Pisces is a relaxing location within a private community (but open to the public) that looks out at the poolside and Tennis courts with beautiful landscapes.

This was a Sunday afternoon during our visit so I naturally ordered off the Sunday Brunch menu. I need to order fast since it was about 1:45pm and the brunch hours are from 10am until 2p but I sure am glad I did because I have not had Eggs Benedict in a long time especially since I have not been back to the states in a while.

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After one Eggs Benedict disappeared

After one Eggs Benedict disappeared

The Eggs Benedict was delivered with a salad and I noticed how light the Hollandaise sauce was. This was not a bad thing at all and was extremely delicious, light and full of flavor. While enjoying two Eggs Benedict and the salad, which had it's own type of vinaigrette (yummy), I also had a Bloody Mary to wash it down. It was bold and spicy and the perfect compliment.

We don't usually write about individual restaurants or dishes served in restaurants but this was exceptional and worth another visit. We think that you would enjoy it as well and hopefully see you there on one of the next Sundays for brunch and maybe during one of their other events. We did find out that they are have entertainment on Thursdays from 6 to 8pm and happy hour with reduced prices on drinks and appetizers.

We did notice that they have a little bit different hours of operation for the restaurant, so take note below.
Open for Lunch: Tuesday - Sunday
Open for Dinner: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Beach Bums is Closing...

Bar at Beach Bums

Bar at Beach Bums

What started out as the Coco Mar discothèque and suffered a loss of half of the venue, the owners of the concession of that property decided to have some new blood come in to keep a restaurant/bar themed business in the location.

Burdened at the time with only an upstairs bar and a downstairs kitchen, the place was hard pressed to find someone to change the image and the obstacles of a terribly bad layout. 

Three years ago, Robert and Allan got together to open Beach Bums. They slowly changed the image of the bar and it quickly became a place to see live music like Yerba Buena, Dogandul, Calle Latina and even Raggae star Andrew Bees formally of Black Uhuru. 

After the first year of business and the agony of the new park be built in front of their restaurant, Robert built a new bar downstairs that ignited the sales and brought new life to the beach area and volleyball court.

We can say that will miss the Ceviche, Ribs and the extremely cold beer that they always served. We will also miss the shots of Jagermeister with Robert and the bartenders, not in that order.

Stop by Beach Bums before it closes in July and sling a few back. More information will be posted for the Beach Bums Blowout but we do know that Bobby Brown will be playing his last night at Beach Bums on July 6th starting at 6pm.

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