Pure Vibes Hostel Resort in Playas del Coco closes for good on Friday, May 17th

Pool area at Pure Vibes

Only 100 meters from the beach on the road to Las Palmas lies a property that boasts a swimming pool that you can see from the road and two buildings. This is soon to be formally known as Pure Vibes Hostel and Resort, one of the only hostels that we know of that has a pool in the area.

Symon Murray, a Canadian resident, provided a clean environment for those travelers that are traveling on a budget. Pure Vibes first started as a restaurant within the old property and management but when aspirations of the former person in charge went beyond his limits, Symon took over the entire project and what a relief. Pure Vibes hosted various promotions including events for the MMA fights in Coco and Liberia & Shuttle services to bridge the gap of Tamarindo and Coco.

Main House at Pure Vibes

Unfortunately, Pure Vibes is the latest news of a closing business in Playas del Coco. It has been just over a year of Pure Fun at the hostel property and hosting of groups from Denmark and other countries visiting Costa Rica. "Truth be told there is no such thing as high & low season." says Symon Murray "There is high weeks (xmas and semana santa) and a general season until things get really slow in Sept/Oct".

For hotels, hostels and vacation rentals, Symon is in agreeing with many others by saying "The town is too slow to sustain business and we have not hit the lowest part of the season" but adds "It has been a great experience and we thank all the guest and locals that supported us throughout the year".

As the Green Season slowly arrives, the local businesses rapidly disappear. There will be a new wave of anticipation and aspirations that bring new life to Coco in November and December for the high season but it seems that each year that goes by there is a change in businesses for the next year.

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