IDC Diary – Day 12

Winners! There is a Brazilian song that says something like: everyday gods are born, some bigger and some smaller than you. I felt like part of something today. I felt like we are gods borN now and because everyday gods are born again. And those gods are now our students, and the feeling of being part of this chain is something incredible. Now it is our time to create new GODS everywhere.

First part of the day was really quickly! Around 8am we were in the ocean, with all ready to go for the Open Water skills test. Two groups divided here, each of us with two skills to present, with a scenario. The examiner assigns some problems or mistakes for the students, and you have to be able to identify and correct the exact way to perform the skill. From all courses: Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, Search and recovery and dive master. After something like one and a half hour we were all done with our skill.

The last minutes of the IDC were straight away: the demonstration of the Rescue Scenario #7. Respond to a non breathing diver on the surface. Back to the boat, some few more minutes finishing the debriefing, and a clap of hands! We are all approved in the Skills!

We are done with the IDC!

Twelve days of training, two days of examinations. We are now proud of present ourselves:

Felipe dos Anjos,

Gabriel Hernanez,

Ghislain Guillet,

Holly Surrat,

Luis Antonio,

Manuel Vazquez,

Remy Bousquet,

Sandra Soares,

from Brasil, Costa Rica, France, USA, Chile and Portugal. We are PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors now.

Congratulations to all of us guys! A few words with Gary Newman, our examiner, and now in about one week we are already able to start teaching!And congratulations for all of the other candidates! We all did a good job! Now lets start spreading knowledge and bubbles all around the world

But before thinking on that, there is still a last small step. The Emergency First Responder Instructor course. Since 2004 it is mandatory that all Open Water Instructor have this certificate as well. So we still have two more days of training. Since the day was still on the first half, we decided to take the first part today still. First was just a few workshops about how does the EFR entity works, then a few more teaching techniques and finally some other applications for this course and how to use. Tomorrow again, we are gonna practice some scenarios, and by the end of the day we are gonna be finished with this course as well.

It is been 14 days studying and practicing hard, but also making strong friendships. During those days we got to meet new long time friends. The experience bounded all of us, we could see in the eye of each others how proud we were of us.

A few more drinks to celebrate the new conquer! But still, back to some more studying for the next step! Now it is only a preparation for the real celebration.

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