Waterfall by the Beach Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

Just off the main road and behind a few trees is a beautiful waterfall that runs freely from the mountain top in Playa Hermosa.

This is not a very well known location and often not visited even though it is a short walk from the beach. 

After a little rain in September, we decided to explore this location as the rain make the waterfall run smooth and run down the stream to the beach. It is not a big waterfall but the fresh water running off the rocksis more enjoyable then a dip in the pool. 

There is also a quiet park nearby that is pretty much vacant. We can only imagine that in October that this are is full of the rain water as the park has many drain streams ready for use.

If you want to have a nice day with a date or a few friends, take this drive and then head over to one of the nearby beaches that are 


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